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Role of

'Agrawal' word is a combination of two words: 'Agr+Val'= Agrawal . Maharaja Agrasen's name was Agr and the name of his capital was 'Agroha', that's why he natives of 'Agroha' started calling themselves 'Agrawal'.

Maharaja Agrasen was an illustrious emperor of his time. It's well acclaimed that there was food for all, clothes for all and shelter for all in his empire. None was poor in his territory and mutual love and peace prevailed amongst his subjects.

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There were about one million families in Agroha. If any family of Agroha faced adversity due to any reason, or if a family from outside came to take shelter in Agroha then the rest of the families donated one coin and one brick to that family. This way, the deprived family gathered one million coins and one million bricks and could arrange food and shelter for themselves and establish itself into business.

The pronouncement of end of Agroha by a saint led to fleeing of its residents. These residents of Agroha spread into the surrounding regions of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab etc. Later on, these people started calling themselves as 'Agrawal'.



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